Barefoot Benefits (Touching The Earth Naked)

Being barefoot is a thing

A thing most people do before going to sleep, and put an end to before leaving their dwelling place ( I used to be in this category). This is because, the floor is dirty, and to have your feet naked where most humans, dogs, and other wild life forms roam, may potentially cause disease or death, because, "that's what the NEWS or DONALD TRUMP said" (Sarcasm).

In this day and age most people RELY mostly on consuming a lot of external physical things (such as pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, supplements, or the limitations he/she said) in order to treat a lot of different problems they feel they cannot control with their own hardware (body/mind/spirit), & are conditioned in many ways to believe that the earth is a dangerous place to live, so it's better to be safe than sorry...

All of this is cool for those who believe in limitations that restrict more freedom and expansion , & for those that enjoy "in my opinion" less liberating restrictions (another way of identifying the same group).

I do believe some restrictions/limitations are good... Like my favorite one which is, " THE LIMITATION To have no limitations that cause restrictions to more freedom, expansion & abundance - YOURS TRULY DAMON B. MARTIN". I say all this to lead into how spending time exposing our feet and/or other bodily parts naked when indoors/outdoors could actually add more value into our lives.


Before I go into the science behind the benefits we get when touching the earth naked... I want to share with you my own personal evaluation on this particular matter. The inspiration that finally caused me to begin spending time barefoot everywhere came a little over a year ago from a documentary based on this indigenous group in a remote part of the amazon.

I currently don't remember the name of this documentary, but the reporter who recorded this indigenous group common sense that a dog without a leash would not walk on surface that is hot unless they are trying to get to a destination that contains fried chicken on hot concrete floor, thus demanding the dog to not walk but RUN on the hot surface, retrieve the desired fried chicken and get off the hot concrete floor as quickly as possible.

Instinct people, it's instincts. Pain/pleasure. Risk/Reward... COMMON SENSE. My evaluation on the benefits of walking and NOW... running barefoot has recently expanded to a whole new level. In this moment, I'm currently sitting on the grass continuing this blog post. I have short gym shorts on and am shirtless.

My feet, shins, knees, upper quads,wrist, forearms, elbows, stomach, and many other bodily parts are touching the grass naked. There is a huge reason which is now the main reason I do this.

You see it wasn't to long from this moment that I had a particular experience, that changed my whole body's chemistry for the good. Before having this particular experience, I was walking barefoot from place to place, time to time, for a small amount of important reasons, that was for my feet and bio mechanics, to become more resilient/powerful, through adaptation to all these uncomfortable surface environments.

The experience that expanded more wisdom into my world of walking barefoot happened in Sept. 19, 2016. I was in a video shoot with my buddy Fatima. It was early in the morning, so much so that the morning dew was heavy, I was in short gym shorts, no shirt, & barefoot. We spent about an hour out there in this beautiful rich spot of wet grass. Somewhere between the time I stepped on the grass to the time I stepped off.

A certain amazing feeling and energy swarmed all over and through my body, and know I mean it when I tell you, I felt in that moment that nothing could bring me down. My whole physiology became in my opinion super human. It was such an amazing experience that I couldn't stop talking about it soon as this connection was made. My buddy Fatima hinted that it could have something to do with my direct contact with the morning dew.

This experience drew enough curiosity for me to do a little research online.followed them and showed how simple they lived without the diseases most of our western civilization and many others are plagued with. While watching this documentary, I noticed very quickly that this indigenous group of people had nothing covering their feet. It tripped me out (slang for startled me).

Not only did I see the younger generation in this particular tribe doing crazy things like running on hard rock pebbles, climbing trees, and stepping on all kinds of things that one would think should cause, some pretty severe damages to their feet, but also the old men and women where doing the same.

Immediately I made up in mind to test the waters of going barefoot. I started walking around my home and felt all the disgusting things making contact with my feet, and didn't get sick... I kept it there for awhile until a buddy of mine CARLOS LOPEZ owner of WESTMERE FITNESS shared another documentary on Facebook with this Indian group in mexico called the taramarahs.

This group runs barefoot everywhere and are reported in many documentaries, case studies, and resources to have the capability to run 405 miles in 2 days, barefoot....MIND BLOWING... & Mind you.. this applies to the old and young... moreover according to the researches I've found, people of this group mostly die of natural causes (old age) & are foreign to the diseases many experience in civilizations like the United States.

LOOK THEM UP (THE TARAMARAHS). After watching this, I was convinced that my life was going to be changed forever. I gained even more motivation to dump the negative conditioning I received from my parents, schooling, and many different teachers (i.e. ANYONE WHO GIVES ADVICE) who have tried to convince me that touching dirty/earthly surfaces is evil & will kill me.

After finding out all that I could ON the Taramarahs, I transitioned to walking on concrete, to walking on different surface areas consisting of twigs, grass, and poop, which transitioned to going into gyms/workout environments, to grocery stores and pretty much everywhere without the fear based mindset many of us have from time to time... My feet have adapted so well that I can now jog barefoot in short shorts with no shirt on in the cold (FOLLOW ON Snap Chat and Instagram @damonbmartin to witness).

Joining my brothers and sisters all around the world walking barefoot freely, caused me to see more truth behind whats going on... It opened my eyes to other life forces like the dogs most people have on leashes, and other animals...

The simple understanding behind the benefits of walking barefoot is really everywhere, human beings are the only ones who started to complain about walking barefoot and the only time other species complain is when they are are forced to walk side by side with their HUMAN OWNER on hot concrete with a leash strapped to their neck. Its


From my experience, I don't need scientific case studies, or experiments to validate the authenticity of the experience I have when exposing my nakedness to the earthly surfaces, but I'm fully aware that some people do need it, if your that kind of person, then I got you homie.

Read these two blogs, where you will learn about the science according to Dr. Mercola's perception behind that feeling I had,

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This should clear up most of the practical knowledge I have about going barefoot that's worth sharing. & no my feet don't look ugly, because of this practice, I clean them thoroughly and get pedicures/spa treatments every now and then.

So long as you get plenty of sleep and follow through with the "Undomesticated Lifestyle", you'll have a much more easy going experience with any new practice you take upon yourself. Done deal now "GO UNDOMESTICATED YOURSELF" -Damon B. Martin