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1. Remember to exercise before indulging in any animal product, starchy food, alcoholic beverages, or any processed fruit/soft drink.

2. Sleep enough (6+HRS)

3. Be honest, rawthentic, & free of insecurity

4. Stretch all the time just like a cat would.

5. Keep finding new ways to move.

6. Bloat yourself up w/ as much water as you can (1 gal) & keep it as your main source of liquid.

7. Eat holistically & moderately… if you can’t make it yourself exercise before you eat it.

8. The body adapts to everything.

9. Adapt intelligently by taking controlled diluted doses of the specific positive reinforcing pain that leads to growth. 

10. Comfort is the enemy of achievement… Embrace discomfort that leads to achievement.

11. If you have to cook it, make sure to exercise before you eat it.

12. Good health is the by-product of good thoughts… Don’t worry about anything.

13. Good thoughts promote the utmost growth in all domains.

14. Use it or lose it.

15. Hustle for the muscle.


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