My Staple Animal/Starchy Products

Hey everyone, recently there has been a huge demand for me to piece together what starchy/animal products I buy.

As a result I will be detailing exactly what I have as staple animal/starchy products around me and brands to get along with the online links & locations I personally go to in Houston for cost effectiveness and high quality...

I'm going to include the kinds of meat, dairy, and starchy food we personally recommend (Make sure to get a good workout/hunt before eating any animal & starchy products).

When it comes to looking and performing good on a physical level and helping the body to not use most of its energy on food, it is important that throughout the day we eat mostly oxygen/water rich plant based sources. Unless you workout many times a day in a testosterone enhancing way. (THE UNDOMESTICATED APPROACH).

With that being said, here are my staple animal/starchy products for day to day living.

STAPLE STARCHY VEGETABLES (Workout before consuming any starchy food and eat them in moderation)



Black rice

Jasmine rice

OTHER/Bread (Workout before consuming any kind of bread that has any starchy ingredients and eat them in moderation)

I purchase all my breads from Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, it's an important note to make that, you should avoid breads that are bleached, try to  look out for key ingredients like Unbleached, with natural ingredients. 

MY STAPLE Animal Products (Workout before eating these and eat these things in moderation)  Chicken: Wholefoods  Lean turkey: Aldi  100%Grass fed beef: Aldi  Fish wild caught: Trader also aldi Prochutto: Trader also aldi Pepperoni: trader also aldi

Brown or White eggs: Kroger

Milk/Dairy (Workout before eating these and eat these things in moderation) 

Raw Milk: Find a local Dairy for this, I personally go to Gramen Farms In Tomball Tx. Or go for grass fed milk by Organic valley.

Butter: The Kerry Gold brand  

Cheese: The Kerry Gold brand 

Whole milk yogurt: I buy stoneyfield yogurt.

Water Water Alkaline refills Whole Foods Spring water crystal glacier and Trader Joe's brand 

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