Daily Rituals That Will Deliver More Life Energy

How you start your day has a strong impact on how you conduct yourself throughout the day...

Joy comes in the morning, when you begin the new day... Be encouraged to choose to be fully alive!

Below I have listed all of the rituals that I deliberately do daily, as I learn and grow I might even add more to this or substitute. Everything listed below will inevitably deliver more energy, creativity, control, power, discipline, and so much more when begin our day with these rituals. Have fun and share your experiences with us here, on the facebook group or message me personally.

1| Turn on the good news (positive messages)

2| Drink 32oz of water mixed with a tablespoon of activated charcoal OR apple cider vinegar with lemon, & Himalayan pink salt

3| Do 4 sessions of The Wim Hof breathing method & pray with to God with intimacy/intention

4| Take a cold shower

5| Do affirmation/anchoring workshop

6| Touch The Earth Naked while meditating, breathing, drinking water, planning, listening to positive/educational audio messages/books, or a combination of all of these things

7| Do the grateful workshop [5 things/5 people i'm grateful for) Or do the stream of consciousness manifestation workshop.

8| Observe your specific goals and reasons.

9| Observe your vision/ideal day/schedule and adjust/change plans if necessary.

10| Read 10-20 quotes on your quotivation book

11| Call someone and say something positive

12| Make a delicious green smoothie

13| Make a delicious coffee or tea

15| Go undomesticate yourself

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