Working The Negative

Working With Gravity

Working the negative is a great dynamic training system that maximizes that body building muscle inflation look and creates a lot of strength in the targeted area, in that it will allow you to be able to unlock harder movements much faster such as a pull-up and handstand push-up or really any movement that you may consider to be extremely challenging to achieve or in other words hard to perform.

The way it works is through using gravity as your training partner. We know that according to the law of gravity, it is a force that pushes down. With that in mind, we know that anytime you jump up or in other words press up against gravity, it will be a lot more challenging that going down with gravity. A really great example of this is the effect you have when going up a steep hill, vs. going down a steep hill.

When you go up the hill the force ways much heavier than going down that same hill because you are in that moment pushing against gravity. Going down the hill will in essence feel a lot more easier because gravity is assisting you in the acceleration of that speed. In order to work the negative we have to go down with gravity ( hence the word negative ) Vs. going up/positive against gravity.

The key is when we go down it must be as slow as we can starting at the top most easiest point of the movement we are trying to unlock, be it a push or pull movement. In short again, (because repetition is huge) From the top/easiest point of the challenging movement you want to resist gravity on the way down to the bottom/hardest point of the movement in the slowest pace you can.

Throughout this process you would be working to failure. And that's it, easy as pie. I hope that makes sense, if not, I recommend watching the video above a couple times and paying close attention to the visual/verbal demonstrations. If you still are taking a longer time to understand this process, then feel free to leave us a comment below and I Damon B. Martin OR one of our teammates will get back to you as soon as we can.

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