Eating In Moderation

Moderation Is Key

When it comes to consuming most food and most drinks (ex: animal/starchy products) it is important that we consume these things in moderation. (Bloating ourselves up is not productive, however if you do want to fill your belly, then we suggest you do it with water, or oxygen/water rich high ph lvl plant based foods).

By experience there is a huge difference between stuffing our bellies with a whole pepperoni pizza compared to stuffing our bellies with oxygen/water rich plant based foods...

The animal/starchy products we stuff our bellies with takes a LOT OF ENERGY for the body to digest and assimilate it, so not only will our bellies be bloated for many hours afterwards (especially if you didn't HUNT FOR YOUR GAME) but we would also experience a lot of negative physiological responses like excess smelly farts, burps, cramping and possibly a bad time on the toilet...

In essence, what I'm saying is that the energy associated with eating foods like pizza or any meat/dairy/processed sugar/soft drinks/alcohol/starchy products is very low compared to stuffing ourselves with non-starchy plant based foods...

The results that come from stuffing ourselves with Non-starchy plant based foods are the same initially, with the feeling associated with being bloated but that bloating goes away less than 30 minutes and won't cause excess smelly farting/burping (unless your new to eating this way, then you will experience a lot of old waste being cleaned out of your body).

On top of that, there is a LOT of energy that will arrive immediately when the bloating from NON-STARCHY PLANT BASED FOOD goes away. Bottom line is that many people have a tendency to eat until they are full with the wrong stuff (animal/starchy products) only the feel the negative effect it has on the mind and body. I have a resolve at the bottom of this page that will get you to eat those foods (animal/starchy products) in moderation...

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These days the media promotes tons of different complex meal plans and diets that are strict and require either eating a whole lot or too little. The truth is that if we want to have more energy, feel better, perform better, and look better mentally and physically, THEN eating animal/starchy products in moderation is key. This applies to anyone who wants to live healthier, happier, and stronger.

Overweight and Eating In Moderation

I'm reminded of a close friend of mine name Kris. She used to be over 300lbs and now she is a little over 130lbs. She lost all her weight through eating in moderation. She would take every meal she had in a day and eat some of it and then save the rest for later when she became hungry again.

For example, instead of eating a whole burrito stuffed with corn,rice, 2 different kinds of meat,cheese, parsley, spinach, and more... she would just eat half or just under half of it, like about a handful of the actual size, or in other words just enough so that she wasn't full.

She made it a point to eat more simply, and not mix foods too much and when she did crave foods that were heavily mixed, she would stay consistent with eating enough so that her heart was happy, but not until her belly was full.

Throughout this process, she would even drink on average a gallon of water each day to help with keeping her from craving feelings which a lot of people mistake for hunger. She did all this without exercising and within 2 years her body fat normalized itself.

The cool part is that she still ate whatever she enjoyed, though at the time she was into the whole organic fad so when she would shop or go out to eat she would get the more organic version of the foods she loved eating since she was young. Now today, she maintains her normal body fat, exercises regularly, and doesn't care whether her food is organic, all while still eating in moderation.

In Shape and Eating In Moderation

"...But whatever you do, return from body to mind very soon." - Seneca the Younger

Eating in moderation is one of our main practices when it comes to creating a lot of abundance in our lives. My whole team and I believe in this because it follows along with focusing our minds on the more important things in life. See when people are constantly worried about calories or macro nutrients or in other words how much/what types of protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, and minerals they are taking in every day.

To the degree that their whole day consist mostly of focusing on physical things. This will eventually lead to many problems and a life full of confusion/regret. What happens when we eat too much? We feel bloated. Our energy decreases. Sometimes we feel like not moving. Sometimes we feel tired and want to lay down. Our ability to be creative decreases. Our desire to practice self development skills decreases.

There are so many negative effects that happen on a mental level as a byproduct of eating too much. When our stomachs are bloated with any kind of food, soft drinks, sugar added beverages or alcoholic beverages... The body focuses sooo much of it's energy to digesting these things and assimilating them.

Therefore naturally it will fight against the mind by tempting us to want to lay down and not do anything or decrease our mental/physical performances. To put it simply when we eat too much it takes a lot of mental will power to perform as we would when we are not bloated up with food... Much worse, when we are bloated on animal/starchy products.

Look At History

"If You're Not Going To Do It When You Are Old, Then Why Spend Most Of Your Time/Energy Doing It Now?"

Why is it that most of the bodybuilders, power lifters, models and many athletes back in the 60's, 70's, and 80's who are alive today do not follow the calorie in calorie out diet, or macro nutrient diets, or any kind of complex diet now that they are older?

Why is it that most people who live over the age of 65 years old, are not overweight, even if in their past they were?

What do most older people (60-100+yrs old) who are not bed ridden, are alive, mobile, healthy, happy, and strong have in common?

The answer to these questions is simple, they eat in moderation, and believe moderation is key. They are in some form of dynamic movement practice, and practice the art of not worrying about a single thing in their lives or others.



There are 2 things you can do before eating any animal product or starchy product that will cause you to eat them in moderation... You can do one or the other, or you can combine them both:

#1: Bloat yourself up with 32 ounces of water or more 15 minutes before eating any animal product or starchy product. (naturally you will not feel like eating too much)

#2: Bloat yourself up with any oxygen/water rich fruits/vegetables 15 minutes before consuming any animal product or starchy product. (naturally you will not desire to eat to much)

Experience This For Yourself

Eat in moderation.. Try it.. You and I both know what the experience is like when we bloat our bellies up with foodstuffs. It is not that productive.

To this day people wonder how in world am I able to stay lean all year round, look VERY ATTRACTIVE, have bigger/stronger muscles/bones month to month, increase my physical and mental performances, and get results fast without having to depend mostly on supplements or eating a crap load of food to get the gains I do.

The media is full of information that goes completely against the abundance my team and I have. Most experts say it is impossible for us to experience the tremendous amount of results we have on a physical level by eating whatever we want in moderation and working out intensely, yet we live this evidence filled abundant life.

Many doctors and scientist can tell you why we are able to experience this growth, while others are confused about life when it comes to how we do these things.

Our message and practice is simple to why we experience so much growth.

Don't worry saying things like, "What should we eat", or, "What should we drink", or "What should we wear"... These things are essential for the body but not to the degree that we should spend most our days worried or thinking about them. Moderate these things. Bring these things into moderation...