Eating holistically means to consciously consume things that promote sustainable, vibrant physical and mental energy, while supporting a strong immune system and preventing bad energy. Certain foodstuffs can also be used as a means to control or reverse negative stress.

The idea is to eat foods in its natural form as best as you can while keeping water as your primary source of liquid. For fruits and vegetables you would be eating them holistically if you ate them in its natural form whether raw or lightly steamed/cooked. For animal products and starchy products, you would more likely holistically eat them after cooking, combining or preparing them yourself.

Holistic eating applies to foodstuffs that are not heavily processed filled with ingredients we don't know how to pronounce, know how to create, or can't find in nature in and of itself.

You would not be eating holistically if the foods you are eating are filled with ingredients that consist of chemicals, hormones, or a bunch of things that are not natural and can be found in nature.

If you do enjoy eating that way (junk food, poison) and want to feel great and look sexy even when eating this way like my team and I, then learn how to do just that by reading "Hunt For Your Game". Personally my team and I eat whatever we want, but certain foods like GMO's (genetically, modified, organisms), heavily process foods/drinks/Alchohol, or junk food... basically any food that most people condemn or call unhealthy...

We are able to get away with eating them and yet still look great and feel great... simply by not viewing them as evil but instead consuming them in a ways that makes them not kill our energy... To see how we turn all kinds of things most people call garbage into gold (read Undomesticated Lifestyle Approach).


The idea behind choosing to eat more holistically is that it will eventually make our bodies look more attractive and feel less stress. The experience we have in life as a byproduct of eating more holistically will inevitably bring us more abundance. Eating holistically applies more to the person who is serious about having more natural energy throughout the day and who is self conscious about the way their body looks and performs.

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