Hunt For Your Game (For The Fit Kings & Queens)


American people are known globally for our love towards consuming meat, dairy, and starchy products excessively. We got soo good at developing systems to massively produce these things so much so that to this day we can go to a local supermarket and AFFORD to buy meat, dairy, and starchy products at very low cost.

We do not have to process these things anymore because that is what our facilities with all of our machines do, they do all the physical labor that is necessary for us to even eat the things we love most very simply with no effort outside of walking into a store giving a tad bit of money and going home.

We even have an abundance of fast food restaurants and restaurants in general that we can spend a couple bucks to get a ready to eat meal multiple times a day. Many of the physical issues most people of all shapes suffer from come from our over consumption of alcohol, animal products, soft drinks, and starchy products.

These things by themselves are good... However what is not good is that most people don't know how to get away with looking great and feeling great even when eating SO CALLED junk food. I will show you how to turn what most people call GARBAGE into GOLD.


Believe it or not the mass majority of the population of human beings before refrigerators and railroads existed, used to be fit and very much in shape... Others were extremely stupid fit and in crazy shape such as Gladiators, soldiers of armies and people who understood how to physically train to increase aesthetics naturally.

Back then we didn't make things crazy and complex. Kings, Queens, and people of nations all around the world extremely fit OR not as fit but still in shape, were not counting calories and keeping track of macro nutrient ratios. They were not worried about having to eat an exotic plant half way around the world organically processed and picked by a virgin at sunset for their health and survival.

They would probably spit at the very thought of doing complex things like consuming a million different vitamins/minerals daily. To consume meat, starchy products, alcohol or in other words the products most people with WESTERN LIKE CIVILIZATIONS love eating excessively, required a lot of physical labor, preparation and sweat/effort. There were some people who were overweight or out of shape yet healthy and even very privileged...

Being overweight then was not seen as a horrible thing either. In fact before in the early 1900's and even before that to be overweight was A HUGE indication that you were healthy, rich, and well privileged. People who were overweight well in the past, were most likely served large plates of prepared animal products, starchy products, along with many kinds of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

They were lazy and enjoyed not moving their bodies. Typically these people where of some royal background or wealth of inheritance. The ones HUNTING/PREPARING or in other words chasing the chicken, gutting the fish, or to be real putting in a lot of physical work/exercise to serve the overweight or privileged people where usually slaves or servants who were never overweight.

If we look at HISTORY we will find that there were many KINGS and QUEENS who were overweight and it was rare that civilians would be that way unless they stemmed from a line of wealth and authority through inheritance.

Back then we all lived free of most of the issues/diseases people suffer and die from today. Things were very simple. The main reasons why many humans life expectancy was low in those times was due to chronic stress, starvation, & unexpected death (typically battles/wars/wild life, physical accidents).

Other factors factors although small as to why humans would die would be due to illness, which mostly stemmed from too much stress. People who were fortunate to live old, reallly lived a looooong time before passing away naturally... well over 100 yrs. To this day you can find older people following this simple way of living and thriving on it.

John F. Kennedy (JFK) understood this well and proved that regular physical resistance training is the key to having great physical health, a sexy body, and a strong body mind connection... He went as far as to implement this at La Sierra High school and got inevitable abundant physical, mental, and spiritual results with all the students there male and female.

The point of all this information is to summarize what we as human beings must inevitably do to live long in the body we possess. A lot of the issues we have today have to do with our body not looking the way we want it to look, performing the way we want it to perform, and feeling the way we want it to feel. How do we mitigate this without eliminating the foods we love? How do we turn junk food, and alcohol into GOLD? How can we develop a great physique and performance level while doing these things?

Let's Get Right To It

What we eat and drink has a strong impact on the way our bodies look and feel/perform. Long story short…

Animal products, dairy products, processed sugar, processed fruit drinks that are not cold-pressed, soft drinks, alcohol beverages (all including wine), & all starchy food IN GENERAL, ARE VERY LOW ENERGY sources that REQUIRES A LOT OF ENERGY for the body to DIGEST & ASSIMILATE and will result in many issues if eaten daily without speeding up our metabolism through PHYSICAL EXERCISE…

Unless you get a good workout before or just after any meal that consist of animal products or starchy products then don’t eat them (instead eat non-starchy fruits and veggies). The effects of not working out to compensate for animal and starchy products are the following…

-High probability of weight gain (excess fat)

-excess mucus

-compromised immune system

-diminished energy over time


-hormone imbalance

-emotional imbalance

-and the list goes on...

Whether you are over-weight, under-weight, or in-shape... and you want to be in a better shape tomorrow than you are in today without removing the foods/drinks you love most even if they are considered unhealthy, the most simplistic, sustainable, and resourceful thing we can do for ourselves is to workout just before or soon after eating the junk food IN MODERATION.

If there is ANY ANIMAL PRODUCT or STARCHY PRODUCT you reallllly wish to eat, then get your metabolism running higher than high through exercise roughly around the time you eat this CRAVE of yours.

This means if you want to consume the pizza, vodka, wine, sugar added beverage, soft drink, yogurt, sweet potatoes, potatoes, meat of any kind of animal, or ice cream... Then in order for our bodies to look sexy and feel great we should exercise to compensate for these foodstuffs we enjoy most.This is a simple method and will inevitably bring with it massive abundance physically and mentally.

What Is The Real Benefit From Doing This?


You are probably like me and DONE WITH of depending on complex meal plans that take up most of the day to think about, let alone prepare, constantly worrying about what you are going to eat and how much of it...

You might be an overweight person who wants to normalize your fat while still eating the foods you love, because you are tired of bearing the insecurities someone sold you as a result of being overweight...

You might be an individual like myself who likes to eat whatever you grew up on that typically happens to be what most people consider junk food or unhealthy and you want to be able to get away with eating whatever you want while still maintaining looking great and feeling great...

You might want to be able turn what most call garbage into gold, and still have radical SUSTAINABLE natural energy and good vibes throughout the day... You might want to avoid depending on supplements, calcium pills, and steroids for muscle/bone growth or in other words you might actually be interested in not depending MOSTLY on external things to make dramatic improvements...

You want to get FULL BODY IMPROVEMENTS that is... muscle, brain, and bone growth that won't go away easily and is natural, sustainable, simple, and effective...

ALL OF THESE ARE THE BENEFITS OF HUNTING FOR YOUR GAME or in other words exercising for the animal/starchy products...

Therefore if you want these benefits that will never fail to deliver these kinds of results even as our bodies grow old in age and still be able to eat the foods we love... Then we have to take on approaches like this along with other simple approaches all of which will always stand the test of time (works whether young or old).


Dorian Yates 6 TIME Mr. OLYMPIA can explain all that I am sharing with you now alongside thousands of other people who approve of this approach and all the others we use here at UNDOMESTICATED FITNESS, because he used to eat the 10 thousand calories a day and depended on steroids to win his trophies.

He found out that those excessive approaches were not sustainable and discovered that moderation when it comes to eating, eating more alkaline fruits, and exercising bones and muscles would have added more abundance to his life and even added more value to his body building career. History will show this...

Look at body builders, power lifters, Olympic lifters, or people in general who used to follow complex meal plans or systems that involved a caloric counting approach or macro nutrient ratio counting, steroid cycles or in other words depending on external things excessively for performance and aesthetic increase... Particularly look at them back in the 1950's up until now 2017 or after the 20th century...

VERY QUICKLY you will find that they stopped counting calories, taking on complex meal plans, and taking steroids. They put an end to the approaches they would swear by back in their primes. The reason why is because depending mostly on excess use of external physical things to fuel the body will inevitably bring about less need for the body to use its own natural systems to mitigate healing/recovery from stress...

When this happens the body is not depending mostly on its own powers/resources and has no demand for evolving it's natural systems in order to make them stronger, which in turn causes the body to wither and become less optimal.

This is why everyone in the 1900's who took steroids or supplements like protein powders or ate excessive amounts of food, and gained all their muscle.. ended up quickly losing most of the physical increases they gained from depending on these external physical things... Plus they were primarily focused on muscle strength training and muscle recovery methods, which explains why a lot of people from all sports suffer bone problems.

They never practice bone/muscle resistance training, and due to supplements and steroids which solely focuses on muscle recovery, the damage their muscles received would recover immediately while the bones could not keep up.


The physical gains of anyone who uses supplements, complex meal plans and/or steroids regularly, goes away very quickly when they stop taking those approaches... And everyone doing things like this now, will inevitably HAVE TO PUT an end to it as the body ages... If you are not convince that this is true... look at history... look at all the people who were doing this back in the 1900's and find the ones who are alive now to see if they still do it. What will always work is this...


"Hunt For Your Game"

HUNT FOR: This means to exercise (We recommend our programs)

YOUR GAME: This represents any animal product or starchy product (ie.. alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, added sugared drinks, potatoes, corn, yams, ranch dressing, yogurt, ice cream, pizza any animal meat and the list goes on.. Look up on google whether the product you want to eat has any starchy ingredients or animal product ingredients)...

It is important to exercise just before or very soon (within 1-2 hour(s)) after eating any animal product or starchy product... This will ensure that your metabolism is higher than high (sweating after physical resistance training is a great indication that your metabolism or your oven is HOT/HIGH) and will be very capable of digesting and assimilating the animal products and starchy products you consume in moderation pre or post workout. Therefore this will bring about good clean functional energy better than if you didn't exercise and ate these types of foodstuff.

Watch the following example video for more clarity...

Below are negative results of the western lifestyle that contribute to a lot of the physical health problems people suffer from (particularly why a lot of people are overweight or having problems of the heart, or so confused about life)... All of which can be easily mitigated through exercising more often and particularly soon before or soon after consuming any animal or starchy product in moderation.

  • increased availability of a variety of palatable and affordable foods;

  • decreased physical demands of many jobs;

  • increased "screen time" – television, computers and smart phones;

  • “nutritional programming” -- overweight and obese mothers who may be increasing their unborn child’s risk of obesity;

  • changes in sleep patterns and stress due to following schedules that are excessive;

  • the temperature of our houses and workplaces or in other words people are scared to roll windows down in the car because it's a bit uncomfortable

NOT ALL FOODS ARE EQUAL...There are foods you can get away eating without exercises and will not cause the body to get out of shape, and keep the body in a normal state.

For More Resources Regarding Growth And Development Check Into The Posts Below


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