The Undomesticated Lifestyle | Principles



1. Bloat yourself up w/ as much water (spring, reverse osmosis, distilled, or alkaline) as you can (1 gal a day or half your body weight in ounces of water) & keep it as your main source of liquid.

2. Eat mostly (over 90% of what you consume) non-starchy plant based foods during the week (Monday-Sunday) especially if you are not in shape OR are experiencing any chronic allergies, excess mucus, obstructions within the body, and inflammation in general...

(If you want to normalize fat naturally or remove any chronic inflammation, in the FASTEST most effective, healthy, & sustainable manner possible, then ONLY eat "non-starchy plant based foods", you can also incorporate the "plant based superfoods" I have on this blog "staple superfoods", not only will you normalize fat, but your body will also look and feel the best you've ever experienced as result, with or without exercising)

3. Exercise just before or soon after indulging in any animal/dairy products, starchy food, alcoholic beverages, any processed sugar added fruit drinks (the ones that are not cold-pressed/freshly squeezed), and soft drinks. Read "Hunt For Your Game" to find out the reasons why.

4. We eat holistically & in moderation.

5. If it is something you HAVE TO COOK (ie. starchy food or animal products) in order to eat it (unless your reheating lightly steamed raw veggies), then make sure to exercise/workout before you eat it.

6. Get quality & quantity sleep (6+ hours regularly if feasible) (*also if possible, wake up naturally (sleep an hour or 4 hours after the sunsets and wake up when the sun rises.)

7. Stretch all throughout the day as all wild creatures with legs and arms do.

8. Be honest, rawthentic, & free of insecurity

9. Keep finding new ways to move.

10. Be mindful/CARE-FULL of the things you allow into or around your body, because our body's physical shape, appearance, and performance/state adapts to the physical energy/material we consume, the energy from the people we are around or tune into, & the way we move or do not move.

11. The body's life and health (immunization) depends 100% on our mind/heart (the way we react TO/perceive stress).

12. Our minds have the strongest influence/impact on our body and the mind adapts to whatever we choose to believe (free-will spirit), therefore we choose the things that brings us adaptations that build our confidence and energy.

13. We adapt intelligently by taking controlled diluted doses of the specific positive reinforcing pain/stress that leads to growth.

14. Comfort is the enemy of achievement… We embrace discomfort that leads to achievement.

15. Good health is the by-product of good thoughts… We don’t worry about anything.

16. Good thoughts promote utmost growth/recovery in all domains.

17. Use it or lose it.

18. We hustle for the muscle, bones, and anything we wish to see increase in.

Our wealth of knowledge is shared through our own personal experiences in our daily lives and the lives of all our brothers and sisters... Many of whom possess YOUTHFUL OLD bodies and many who posses YOUTHFUL YOUNG bodies...

Both of whom are healthy, happy, strong and can move with radical freedom that cannot be ignored... It's inevitable, simple, and sustainable... It's abundance within the body, the mind, and the spirit... This Is The Undomesticated Lifestyle.

The Undomesticated Lifestyle

A huge part of our lifestyle involves decompressing what most people in the world make very complex, stressful and costly for themselves. The world tries very hard to keep us feeling like we can't take curses or obstacles and flip them over into blessings/breakthroughs.

Our number 1 goal is to bring the Good News into all the world, in hopes that people will use these universal principles/strategies to break out of the normal routines, and dive into an abundant lifestyle of meaning, purpose, accomplishing desired goals, and living on earth as it is in Heaven.

We are so passionate about this because of all the unnecessary suffering many people are experiencing in the world. Many people are quick to pass out invitations to limitations that keep us restricted such as that of a swamp... We are interested in the oceanic like experience particularly the beach sides with the coral reefs and beautiful clear blue seas accompanied along with the tropics.

This oceanic lifestyle is full of attractiveness, great energy, and life. However the swamp lifestyle has it's place but, is not as attractive, dull, immobile, and carries with it low energy. We believe that simplicity, aesthetics, and sustainability can be combined and used as ONE towards creating more abundance/freedom in any aspect of life.

Our perspective prescription stems from pure history, our observation of what has truly caused humans and all life forms to thrive in youthful like movement and health even as their bodies become old. We understand/recognize patterns that those who die of old age naturally without unnecessary suffering have, in comparison to those that either die young or old with much unnecessary suffering due to chronic health issues.

We share the SIMPLE TRIED AND TRUE formulas to maintaining RESILIENCY, VERSATILITY, AND CONTROLLABILITY in all aspects of life through all of our social/online/offline platforms. We practice before we preach, ensuring that what we speak is actually what we live.

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