The Royal Like Posture/Cosmetics

Posture Is Pure Habit

The most effective formula anyone can give you regarding developing and maintaining that KING/QUEEN like ROYAL POSTURE, is this...

1) Roll your shoulders back and low.

2) Keep your head up as if you have a crown on your head. (you don't want it to fall)

3) KEEP YOUR SPINE NEUTRAL (to do this, stand erect, then suck your stomach and booty/glutes in while squeezing them tightly, then relax them both and you will be in a neutral spine state)

4) Walk as if you are on a runway. (Be conscious of your feet and knees... Regarding the knees, keep them in the direction of your toes or outside of the direction of your toes, and not caved in like a flamingo... Regarding the feet, keep them straight and not ducked out like a duck.)

The Benefits Of Conducting Good Posture

Maintaining good posture throughout the day will inevitably play a role in the increase of self confidence. Motion creates emotion... Therefore having good posture is a natural phenomenon that all species have when excited/happy/energized. Good posture is...

To be open.. Similar to that of a dog that with it's tail up, or on it's back fully expanded ready for it's owner to give it a massage or it's playmate to play. The most important realization I have as to why I choose to maintain good posture is due to the truth...

The truth behind whether or not posture can effect us, lies behind LIFE itself and the experiences it has tought me... For example... CLOSE YOUR EYES AND IMAGINE a depressed human or animal. When a human or animal is depressed, it is very easy to imagine the physical state associated with the depression...

If we slouch and droop our chins down, walk like flamingos, we are in essence, practicing low energy states/fearful states. Don't do that... instead TAP INTO the opposite STATE DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY experience FOR YOURSELF the benefits of conducting good posture and all the physical expressions OUR BODIES INEVITABLY HAVE when excited, energized, and happy EVEN when you don't feel like it.

Is Not Having Good Posture Bad?

To answer this... look at old EXTREMELY FIT PEOPLE... As the body ages, we SHOULD STILL TRY and maintain the best posture we can even when dealing with the cards we've been played... Age to the body does bring forth more challenges, but with them we also have more youthful like opportunities.

If you look at Older Fit people compared to the Older NONFIT people, you will realize that both groups do not have youthful like beautiful posture they had when they were young, HOWEVER it is typical to find that the OIder FIT group in comparison to the Older NONFIT group still manages to have way better posture and with their ability to maintain the best posture they can by pure habit, you will mostly find THE OLDER FIT PEOPLE having higher energy frequencies, a strong youthfulness to them, than the OLDER NONFIT. BOTH ARE ALIVE, but which would you be more happier being like?

Watch the following example video for more clarity...

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