Testosterone Enhancing Physical Exercise

To Keep Things Simple

Study shows that....

Increasing your body's natural capability to produce testosterone will increase your capability to recover, be energized, be happy and look dangerously attractive by like 1000 + % and therefore you can get craZy GAINZ even if you eat like 1 banana a day or like Damon just hunt for your game & eat in moderation, without having to depend on religious beliefs such as genetics, macro nutrient ratio counting, supplements, or even organic eating for your capability to become the best version of yourself.

The most effective way to increase your body's natural capability to produce more testosterone through physical exercise is simple. You'll have to do full body exercise movements at the highest speed or resistance you can sustain for just a couple of seconds...

For example sprinting or if you can't sprint yet jog as fast as you can. When doing any resistance training, do movements/exercises that will engage the lower body and be sure to go to failure while doing it.

Watch the following example video for more clarity...

Hopefully you all understand, to do fully body exercise movements, that require full out exertion that you can sustain for a couple of seconds. In conclusion... That's experience for you, and here is my disclaimer.. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT... Try it for yourself. IT WORKS GO UNDOMESTICATED YOURSELF.

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