The 15 Rep Principle System

What's The Catch?

Let's cut to the chase. You want your body to give you the least amount of stress. You want it to look great, and perform better each day. I don't know anyone who can truly deny this for themselves. The 15 repetition principle that I am going to share with you here is in my opinion one of the most natural/optimal programs to help you normalize fat levels and abnormalize your muscles at the same time.


The 15 Rep Principle System aka 8-14 rep max training system consist of 3 working sets, with 15 seconds to 1 minute worth of a break between each set. To put the text into context it goes like this:

Find Your 8-14 Rep struggle

You must find and play with your 8-14 rep struggle for whatever exercise movement you wish to advance in. This means that when performing this exercise movement you literally can ONLY do any where from 8-14 reps in that given moment.

***If you are able to do 15 reps for any exercise movement, then you HAVE TO INCREASE the resistance for that specific exercise to HEAVIER WEIGHT OR RESISTANCE, so that at the new resistance you ONCE AGAIN begin struggling for 8-14 reps.

Once you discover this specific 8-14 rep limitation for the desired exercise movement, it's time to move to the next action step.


When performing your first working set, you MUST BE ABLE to do AT LEAST 8 REPETITIONS TO FAILURE... To Failure meaning, as much as you can do with GOOD FORM back to back.

Good form meaning executing the exercise movement looking sexy and not ugly (going out with style).

Back to Back meaning keeping the steady pressure/fluidity of the movement without stopping or slowing...

IF you do slow down or pause at the easiest resting points of any exercise movement, for 2 seconds or more, then STOP the exercise you are doing ALL TOGETHER, because this is an indication that your muscles and bones are fatigued and need space to recover.

When you stop the exercise movement, rest for 15 seconds - 1 minute long before moving on to your second working set. *** It's important that you keep the breaks short for this dynamic training system.

***Again if you are able to do 15 reps for any exercise movement, then you have to increase the resistance for that specific exercise to a HIGHER level where you begin struggling again for 8-14 reps. Moving forward to the next action step.


Your second working set is much more simple... As soon as you've taken your 15 second - 1 minute break, you will repeat the exercise movement again only THIS TIME TO FAILURE. Then as soon as you stop its time to take a 15 second - 1 minute break and then move on the next action step...


Your third working set reflects the same as the second, simply Go TO FAILURE with the exercise, and then you are done.

Now if you wish (OPTIONAL) to get even faster progression then you can immediately when done with your third working set, move forward to doing OTHER TRAINING SYSTEMS such as DROP SETS using the same exercise or SUPER SETS using different exercises.

Key Notes:

-It's important to understand that REP means repetition and that can be in the form of seconds, steps, or however many times you do a thing back to back.

-Be mindful of THE OVERLOAD PRINCIPLE when doing exercise or anything you wish to grow from in life.

-When performing any movement try to go out in style, meaning once you reach that fatigued/tired state and your body begins to get out of nice shape, then stop and take a break.

-If you pause/slow down or if you rest at any of the easiest points of an exercise movement for 2 seconds or more when performing it then take a break.

In Conclusion

This is the main system we use in our own lives and highly recommend for everyone, because it will allow us to progress intelligently, reducing our chances of injury from overload traditional approaches like the, "1 rep max training system", most follow in the fitness industry...

BTW (BY THE WAY!) During the time you take to train, be sure that you rinse and repeat this system with however many exercises you wish to do! EASY AS PIE!



Reps is short for repetitions. Repetitions defines the number of times to perform an exercise. For example, you do 12 squats, then stop. The 12 squats you perform are considered 12 repetitions. If you curl the dumbbell 15 times, then you have completed 15 repetitions of biceps curls. Some trainers will test your fitness level by giving you a certain amount of time, say 60 seconds, to see how many repetitions you can perform within that allotted time frame.


Sets refers to how many times you will repeat that exercise for the number of repetitions your able to do. For example, you do 12 squats and rest. Then you do another 10 squats, rest, and then 8. You have now completed three sets of as many reps you could.

Another Example: If you do three sets of 15 reps of biceps curls, you will perform 15 repetitions, rest, 15 repetitions, rest, and finish with 15 repetitions. Sometimes the word reps is left out, and trainers will just tell you to complete three sets of 15 or Legendary Trainers like Damon would say something like 3 sets of as many reps you possibly can while looking sexy (or in other words keeping good form).

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