How To Stay Calm In The Storm


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Let's Begin With The Body

It's no secret that certain things we put into our bodies can cause a lot of stress, and others if repeatedly used can cause our bodies to not look as attractive. The type of drinks, food, medication, drugs, or anything we control putting into our bodies on a regular or irregular basis will inevitably have a large impact on how our bodies look and feel. This is a great thing to understand.

Here's why...

Instinctively our bodies are hardwired to detect whether or not, what we put into our bodies and how much of it is good or bad. This means we can find out for ourselves if what we repeatedly put into bodies is working for us or working against us. We can literally be our own doctor, dietitian, psychiatrist, nutritionist, or whatever/whomever it is that most people go to for advice. All of that advice can be found right inside of us.

Let's keep things real and raw.


Here is how you know when something is working for your body, as in those things that actually love you back...

If you have little to no struggle digesting it,

no stomach cramps,

the back of your throat is free of gastric re flux,

there is no random chronic pain you have to endure,

you don't show allergic ugly symptoms like hives or something else that is not a good look,

you feel better, maybe as in normal after eating/drinking/using it or you even feel more energized,

your fart/burp doesn't stink like crap or like a dead animal,

you don't fart excessively throughout the day,

your pee comes out smooth with little effort, pooping is smooth with little effort

and after repeated use...

WITH or without EXERCISE your body has a beautiful glow to it without the need for make up... Like as in your lips are consistent at remaining kissable, attractive and soft. Moreover the thing is working for you if your eyes are consistently clear and wet,

your body fat continues to normalize itself (as in the body removes excessive adaptations such as fat), your breathing becomes more open, and the body clears congestion (as in the body removes excess mucus) fast.

These are the great many instinctual implications to understand in order to tell when you are on the right track to having a high performing and mirror worthy body.


To find out what is not working well with helping us become the best version of our-self is as simple as looking at the paragraph before this one, and finding out if you DO NOT relate to those experiences.

This means that if you put whatever it is into or around your body, and your body feels or looks bad overtime, and in turn your self esteem begins to lower due to the results of your relationship with whatever it is... Then you know it is WORKING AGAINST YOU.


"Just because you've got a pain in the ass doesn't mean you have to be a pain in the ass"

-Damon B. Martin

(What the heck does that mean?)

Just because some delicious foods or drinks can cause us to gain weight without exercise, or can cause our body to feel bad in the beginning stages of consuming them, does not mean that the end of the world is here, or that we have to be unhealthy, or that we are going to die young.

There are plenty of people all over the world that eat junk food, smoke, and drink, yet still manage to stay healthy well into their old ages (65-100+ years of age). These people share strong commonality of simply not labeling what they do as good or bad, but rather say things like, "I enjoy this and it makes me feel good to"...

In short, they don't care about the fact that they are not in shape because of their food choice, and really don't worry themselves like most people do about everything. On the flip side HISTORY CONTINUES TO REVEAL many people who were eating the perfect diet, attending the perfect things, and even exercising regularly, drop dead at young ages not because of what they were eating but because of what was eating them...

Stress is ultimate killer... Most people love playing the blame game and point their fingers to any physical thing and even non physical things as for the reason why they are not the best version of themselves... Thankfully, that is not us...

We choose to go inside to bring the best outside... Knowing this should be one of many reasons why we should feel FREE to say, WE GET TO CHOOSE, We get to decide what the outcome of any experience will be, good or bad...

No matter what... We are all very able to control all of our circumstances, good or bad.

Going back to food and drinks...

I am not against any kind of thing to eat or drink, yet I am fully aware that certain foods and drinks will make OUR BODIES look better and feel better, waaaay more than other foods and drinks.

For instance if I had everyone in the world (that is..7+billion people) follow this simple awesome non complex approach, " FOOD THAT WILL ALWAYS WORK " (Please Click After)...

If I had everyone in the world eat mostly holistic raw plant based alkaline products in "moderation", with water as the primary source of liquid... for breakfast, lunch and dinner and as a snack in between everyday for 7 months straight WITHOUT exercising, the whole pharmaceutical industry and all the hospitals would not be as prosperous as they are now.

Almost 100% of everyone following this approach would maintain an optimal body weight (lean muscle to body fat), will look very alive (have a certain glow to em'), they're capability to deal with stress will be A LOT better, and they will feel full of amazing natural energy throughout the 7 months.

On the contrary If I had everyone in the world...

Let's say... eating animal products and starchy products with water as the primary source of liquid... for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and as a snack in between everyday for 7 months straight WITHOUT exercising...

Almost 100% of the population would have bodies that are overweight and completely out of shape, and they'd feel restricted, feel energy drained, and possibly feel unhealthy if they lack the capability to practice self love and forgiveness.

These two scenarios are true. Now notice in both scenarios I mentioned following the approach WITHOUT EXERCISE. See if in scenario 2 everyone were to exercise before each meal of animal product and starchy product, they're capability to process/digest the animal products and starchy products will be much more optimal and thus give them better results, and a chance to actually have bodies that look and feel decently good over time even though what they are consuming is what is making a lot of people in civilizations such as the United States overweight.

The issue is most people do not workout before eating the animal products and starchy products. Most people don't know that they can get away with having a nice banging body even though they are eating junk.

This is important to know because it has everything to do with learning how to deal with things that seem bad and make them okay to have. I'm reminded of a quote,

"You can have fears, but do not let your fears have you"

To this day, my team and I are free to eat and drink whatever we want, because we have intelligent strategical approaches that allow us to. To see the simple, sustainable, attainable and enjoyable strategies my team and I use to weather the storms of life and become stronger read the following blog post after you're done reading this one, "The Undomesticated Fitness Approach".

So how do we get the good out of the bad?

How do we succeed through failure?

How do we make things that in the beginning HATED OUR GUTS, love us?

How do we make unfavorable situations favorable?

How do we turn every curse into a blessing?

How do we stay calm in the midst of a storm?

Read Along...


There is always a way even when there seems there is no way.

He that says he can and he that says he can't are both usually right.

It is the ultimate alchemy to turn all such negative disadvantages into positive advantages.

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances that they want and if they can't find them...make them!

There are two ways to overcome those things that work against us.

The most simplistic way is, if anything that you put into OR around your body, makes you or your body feel bad, like as in you are actually not having a good time digesting or being around this thing... Then..

1) You can deliberately try to prepare yourself in a way that allows you to stress less and less when digesting or being around this thing until hopefully one day you will be able to have a successful relationship with it.


2) You can GET AWAY FROM IT AND DON'T ENTERTAIN/contact/visit IT ALL TOGETHER, unless it somehow forcibly makes its way to you in a way that will bring good results.

Whichever way you choose, will bring about many benefits into your life, but at the same time can possibly cause some lack or negative results you may not want.

To see how these two answers manifest in real world situations, read the following 2 case scenarios and an actual CASE STUDY below.

Case Scenario 1:

So you ate a ghost pepper once and had a horrible response/experience?

Does this mean your body will never be able to handle it?


Maybe... Then Again May Not Be


All over the world you can find evidence of people whose mouths used to go numb eating ghost peppers, but they loved the vegetable so much and were addicted towards overcoming it (preparation) that they would keep going through the same pain associated with eating it until ONE DAY they began enjoying the fruits of their labor...

Meaning one day their body finally registered (developed the necessary adaptations for..) the ghost pepper... and they became able to consume the ghost pepper free of any negative feelings.


You ate the ghost pepper because you lost a bet and it was the worst experience in your life and have no desire to do it again... Then why even bother to attempt to handle this devil food? Just walk away.

BENEFITS Of One Day Eating a Ghost Pepper FREE OF PAIN:

1.You can prank people easily by getting them to try the devil plant by convincing them through eating one yourself, with no negative physiological response because you've already dominated this plant.

2.You will never have discomfort eating spicy food

3.Your Lips will always be soft and ready for kisses.

DISADVANTAGES Of One Day Eating a Ghost Pepper FREE OF PAIN:

1.There are none

Case Scenario 2:

So you became an extremely high energy, rich, successful, and positive individual, and you want to spend some good quality time with a relative, lets say your mom for example... You want to spend time with her because she supported you growing up with things like a roof over your head, food, and clothes...

She provided these things for you, even though she wanted you to be a doctor and, never believed in the dream you finally made a reality, that bought her the million dollar home she now lives in...

Moreover your mother whom you still love despite all this is, has been and is until this day an extremely discouraging, gossiping, annoying, rude, pessimistic, negative woman, and ever time you spend time with her she makes things all about what she is experiencing in life and the second you talk about what your positive experiences are.... she ends the conversation...

How do you mitigate this?

How do you... the high energy, rich successful, and positive individual, deal with a negative, poor minded individual whom you love but just doesn't seem to give you the same kind of positive great energy your team of friends and relatives do?


That there are two ways to deal with this.

WAY #1:

You prepare yourself before voluntarily spending time with this love one who you feel has a bad energy... You prepare yourself in a way that shows this person love and care, and focus on impressing upon this person good energy, and speak in the language they understand, until hopefully one day the person you love will change and learn to conduct themselves in a manner that brings the best out of the both of you. However there is no guarantee if this way will work because we all have free will, and in as much as we wish to change people, we can't. We can only encourage others to find it within themselves to change.

WAY #2:

Completely remove yourself from this person you love if they continue to have bad energy. Meaning don't make efforts to visit/contact them unless they make an effort to visit/contact you, and if this person is still doing what initially caused you to want to stay away, then do not let them into your life, because in moments like these, it is not meant to be.

We cannot walk and stand still, and we cannot love and hate at the same time. Its okay to open your door to anyone who knocks, but before you do make sure to know this person is in alignment with your vision within that moment, otherwise what results... will be at your risk , and might cause more damage.

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF USING EITHER WAY to deal with something or someone who is in any moment, bringing you bad energy?..

You practice the best art/skill of TREATING OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED... and become better every time.





The Venom man is this guy who has been studied and documented while going through a process of building his immune system through a completely OFF THE WALL METHOD.

He developed an uncanny belief that he could one day be able to voluntarily allow any of the worlds most deadliest snakes to bite him and cheat death. Long story short... He did just that. He CHEATED DEATH...

How?.. You might ask? How is it that he can get bit by a poisonous snake and not die from the poison?


He collaborated with a doctor who in the beginning stages of his experimentation would prescribe the seemingly crazy man, "diluted doses of snake venom".

The doctor would give him these syringes and the man would go on and inject his body with the right amount his IMMUNE SYSTEM could handle, and overtime the pain began to reduce, until he would completely be free of the pain associated with the initial doses.

The doctor would then prescribe, "THE VENOM MAN," more potent doses of the snake venom, and the man would play the same game with the new prescription until his, "IMMUNE SYSTEM", once again, overcame the new challenge. They would go through this process repeatedly until THE VENOM MAN'S immune system became so strong at registering snake venom that, he would go as far as to prove on camera that his IMMUNE SYSTEM was super able to handle the bites of the most poisonous snakes in the world.

He did just that. Sadly, his wife left him because of his addiction to showing the world that the immune system can overcome poison from any snake. She found that his consistency to go through this scary, unknown path was too much for her, so she took her kids and left.

Moreover, though the Venom Man's Immune system became super effective at handling even the most venomous snakes in the world, his physical stature evolved to appear as a person who is on crack. Let's just say building a strong immune system through diluted doses of venom is effective in doing just that, but is not the best thing to do if you care about looking attractive and are self conscious like me.

On the contrary I do believe there are people out there that are into that, I just don't happen to have the same interest.

In conclusion...

Notice that dealing with negative situations and flipping it over to the positive can be done with food just as much as it can with relationships, and really anything in life. We have full control in choosing which things we want to entertain in our lives, and we are fully capable of making it right. Whatever storm we are in by choice or not, we decide whether it will be to our benefit or to our detriment.


“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?...Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"

Matthew 6:25-27

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